Even though the VRC is closed, the City of Tuscaloosa knows volunteers are an integral part of the community, providing a valuable service to our neighborhoods, schools, health facilities and our community organizations.

We encourage you to continue to generously donate your time and talents to people in need. Doing so positively impacts the quality of life of others and strengthens the community. Please consider volunteering or increasing your commitment to community service by volunteering with one of our partners. Places to Volunteer


In response to the devastating April 27 tornado, the City and its citizens came together and Tuscaloosa Forward was created. To learn more about what businesses have reopened, what the future plan for the tornado- damaged area will be, and other information go to Tuscaloosa Forward.

Please contact Recovery at 205-248-5700 with any questions you may have regarding Tuscaloosa’s recovery efforts.

Recovery Map
Click here to see a map of planned and ongoing recovery projects in Tuscaloosa